Africa Wrestling Championships: Algeria wins 48 medals, including 14 gold


EL JADIDA (Morocco)- Algerian wrestlers have snatched 48 medals (14 gold, 25 silver and 9 bronze) at the African championships (cadets, juniors, seniors) featuring both men and women athletes, and which wrapped up, Sunday evening, at El Jadida, Morocco.

The sixth day of the African sporting event in El Jadida, devoted to freestyle wrestling events (senior men), was very prolific for the Algerians who won seven medals, including four gold. This latter were snatched by: Akherbache Abdelhak (61 kg), Fetairia Chemseddine (79 kg), Benferdjallah Fateh (86 kg) and Fardj Mohamed.

Earlier, the five Algerian gold medals were snatched by Abdelkrim Fergat (60 kg), Abdeldjebbar Djebbari (63 kg), Abdelkrim Ouakali (77 kg), Sid Azara Bachir (87 kg) and Adem Boudjemline (97 kg).

The two silver medals were snatched by Mohamed-yacine Dridi (55 kg) and Ishak Ghaiou (67 kg), while Hichem Kouchit (130 kg) and Walid Ghaiou (72 kg) settled for bronze.

With respect to the ladies, the athletes Houfaf Rayane and Doudou Ibtissem were silver medalists, while Soudani Mestoura snatched the bronze medal.

During the first four days of the African sporting event of El Jadida, the cadets and juniors (boys and girls) did not live up to the performance presented by the seniors, ranking in 3rd place in the general classification, dominated by the Egyptians.


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