FAF: Amara reconsiders resignation, sets conditions!


ALGIERS- Three days ago, Charaf-Eddine Amara announced his resignation from the Presidency of the Algerian Football Federation. .

Following the elimination of the Algerian national team from Qatar’s World Cup, the Head of the Algerian Football Federation Amara convened an extraordinary meeting of the Federal Bureau. A meeting during which he submitted his resignation. Afterwards, he held a press conference where he bade farewell after consuming a single year of his four-year term. In accordance with the statutes of the FAF, the members of Federal Bureau have appointed Mohamed Maouche to take over as an Acting Head, pending the holding of the elective General Assembly within a period which does not exceed sixty days. The handover ceremony between the two officials was to be held Saturday, but it ultimately did not take place!!!!

A reversal of the decision took place. indeed, Mr. Amara has reconsidered his decision to resign. A decision that can only surprise the Algerians who have so much demanded his departure following the bitter failure. Amara demands a collective resignation of the Federal Bureau. No information have been released by the federation yet. However, the message of condolences published by the official website of the Algerian Football Federation following the death, in South Africa, of the President of the Football League of the Wileya of Tizi-Ouzou, Rachid Asma, was signed on behalf of President Charaf-Eddine Amara and the members of the Federal Bureau. A proof that the person concerned is still in office and that his resignation has not yet been confirmed.


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