Reopening of public recreational spaces for leisure and relaxation


ALGIERS- Public recreational spaces for leisure and relaxation in the province of Algiers, closed due to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, resumed their activities on Wednesday, according to the managers of these establishments.

The Director General of the Office of Parks, Sports and Entertainment of Algiers (OPLA), Mohamed Abdellaoui, said in a statement to media that the Park of Sablettes and the Forest of July 5 (Ben Aknoun) had resumed their activities on Wednesday morning after a closure of more than 18 days due to the increase in cases of contamination with Covid-19.

The same official explained that this temporary closure, decided by the departments of the Algiers Province, was a “prudent” decision, especially as it coincided with the suspension of classes for the three educational cycles.

As regards the “Sabelettes” park, which witnesses, on a daily basis, a large flux of visitors, ranging between 20,000 and 30,000 visitors, and more than 2,500 vehicles, ” firm ” preventive measures have been taken to ensure the safety of citizens by imposing the respect of barriers, in particular the wearing of masks and the banning of gatherings.

As an exception, the Jardin d’essais d’El Hamma was reopened last Sunday, said its Director General, Abdelkrim Boulahia, highlighting that this space has experienced after the resumption of its activity, a large influx of more than 1000 visitors per day.

As a reminder, the departments of the Algiers province had decided on 20 January to close entertainment, leisure and rest areas in the province as a preventive measure, with the obligation to wear a mask outside and in all public establishments and structures as well as in all commercial areas and means of transport.



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