Justice: Corruption-related trial of former Medea Governor (Wali) adjourned


ALGIERS- The tribunal of Sidi M’hamed adjourned, today, Wednesday, Feb 02nd, 2022, to February 16, the trial of the former Governor of Medea, Mustapha Layadhi, prosecuted in a corruption-related case. The adjournment came at the request of the judge.

Mustapha Layadhi is being prosecuted in his capacity as the former governor of the province of Medea, for corruption-related charges, notably: granting undue privileges, embezzlement of public funds, and abuse of power in violation of laws and regulations in force, acts punishable by Law No. 01/06 on Prevention and Combating Corruption.

As a reminder, Mustapha Layadhi has previously been subject to custodial penalties after being pursued on corruption charges.

The correctional tribunal at the Economic and Financial Penal Pole of Sidi M’hamed (Algiers) pronounced a sentence of 4 years in prison accompanied by a fine of one (1) million DA against the former Wali of Blida, Mustapha Layadhi, prosecuted in a case of corruption and abuse of office.

The other co-defendants were sentenced to 2 years in prison and a fine of one (1) million DA, headed by the owners of the “Attia Electronics” group and the director of the Domains of the wilaya of Tipasa, Ali Bouamrane, with freezing of their bank accounts.

The court also decided to acquit the Land Registrar of the wilaya of Tipasa, Ismail Korichi of the grievances against him in this case.

It is also about the confiscation of the assets seized during the investigation, and the prohibition of the right of candidacy for a period of five years for the accused Layadhi, in addition to the payment of an amount of 100,000 DA as damages and interest.

The court also ordered the payment of an amount of 17 million Da as damages against the Attia brothers (Ilyes, Bachir and Hamid).

As a reminder, the former wali of Blida, Mustapha Layadhi, was sacked in August 2018 during the health crisis due to the cholera pandemic. He was prosecuted in particular for squandering public funds, abuse of office and granting unjustified advantages to a third party, in particular to the owners of the “Attia Electronics” group.


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