Future Gate Scam: Defense request for accused, including instagramers, release denied


ALGIERS- The Indictment Chamber of the Court of Algiers upheld, today, Wednesday, February 02nd, 2022, the desicion of the judge of the Dar El Beida tribunal to remand the accused in the fradulous affair of the foiled student by the fictitious company “Future Gate”, in custody.

The judge has denied the defense lawyers’ request to release the defendants, namely; the owner of the fictitious companies “R. Oussama,” the staff working with him, as well as the instagramers who promoted the fraudulent offer of the fictitious company “Future gate” to study abroad, to wit; “Farouk B.,” known as “Rifka,” “Numidia Lazoul,” and “Mouhamed. A”, known as Stanley.

Do note that the accused, “Enes A. Fatima Al-Zahraa,” was placed under the judicial control by the judge of the Dar El Beida tribunal.

To this end, the defendants are facing charges of a criminal nature, related to the felonies of money laundering, forming a criminal association, illicit transfer of funds as well as the trafficking in phuman beings.

In addition, the accused are facing the misdemeanors of forgery and the use of forgery in banking and administrative documents, fraud and scam, and the false advertising.

Arrested a few weeks ago, the defendants in the case of the fraud suffered by Algerian students have confessed. In statements filmed and broadcast on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 on the Algerian state television channel, they explained their way of proceeding and recounted this scandal in its smallest details.

The accused (identified and arrested by national security) along with the Algerian instagramers, involved in the scam, were confronted with the testimonies of young victims. The latter recounted how large sums of money were ripped off from them by a fictitious company for registrations in universities in Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

These victims said that after complying with all the instructions, taking all the necessary procedures and receiving the admission files, they were surprised that some of them were unable to leave the country and study abroad despite paying large sums of money, while others found themselves wandering in the streets of Turkey and Ukraine despite the company’s assertion that it had paid them accommodation costs.

The members of the criminal network also resorted to a ploy to drag a large number of victims by changing the name of the fictitious company several times; to wit; “FUTURE GATE، “SVIT-OSVITI” .


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