Senior Customs Officials: Partial reshuffle conducted


ALGIERS- A partial reshuffle affecting customs executives at central and regional level was conducted on Monday, announced a statement from the body.

The installation ceremony of eight senior executives was held at the headquarters of the general directorate in the presence of the Director General of Customs, Abdelkader Khaldi.

The same source indicated that the eight executives have been appointed to the posts of Inspector General of Customs Services, Director of Studies, Director of Legislation, Regulations and Customs Regimes, Director of Intelligence and Risk Management, director of security and operational activity of the brigades, director of information and communication, director of resources administration and director of studies and forecasting.

The customs department also announced that “the regional directors of customs have been appointed in Algiers and Oran”, recalling that this patial reshuffle concretizes “the strategic approach and the central role of the Algerian customs services, in order to ensure the mechanisms guaranteeing efficient customs processing in all its aspects, further strengthen the effectiveness of the role of strict control, and deal with all forms of fraud, trafficking and cross-border economic crimes to defend and protect the national economy and the citizen “, concluded the same source.


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