Here are 10 African countries with largest crude oil production output, largest volumes of crude oil reserves in 2021


ALGIERS- A report issued by Statista said that the African continent’s proven crude oil reserves stood at 125.3 billion barrels in 2021 alone. Here is the ranking of the countries with the largest volumes of crude oil reserves as reported by Business Insider Africa.

Chad, etc.

As regards the production, the list of the ten African countries that produced the most crude oil in 2021 is as follows:

Nigeria: This West African country was the largest crude producer in 2021. Nigeria’s average daily crude production was 1.27 million barrels.
Libya: Nigeria was followed by this Northern African country which produced an average of 1.21 million barrels of crude per day in 2021.
Angola: The oil-rich country produced a daily average of 1.11 million barrels of crude.
Algeria: This Northern African country produced an average of 959, 000 barrels of crude per day.
Egypt: Egypt produced 559, 000 barrels per day.
Republic of the Congo: This country’s production output in 2021 stood at a daily average of 253, 000 barrels.
Gabon: Gabon’s production output stood at an average of 188, 000 per day.
Ghana: The West African country’s daily crude production output in 2021 was 176, 000 barrels.
Equatorial Guinea: The average daily production output in this country was 71, 000 barrels.
Chad: Production output was 70, 000 barrels per day.

Do note that as of November 2021, the average price per barrel (Brent Crude to be specific) was $81.54.

Meanwhile, Brent Crude (the benchmark price for global oil sales) is currently trading at $85.24 per crude according to information obtained from


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