Justice, Interior sectors at heart of Government meeting


ALGIERS- The sectors of Justice and Interior had been at the center of the Government meeting, chaired Thursday by Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Aïmene Benabderrahmane, the Prime Minister’s Office said in a communiqué.

“Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Aïmene Benabderrahmane chaired, on Thursday 13 January 2022, a Government meeting at the Palace of Government. During its weekly meeting, the Government examined the following points:

In the sector of Justice:

A draft bill modifying and completing the law n 08-09 of 25 February 2008, on the code of civil and administrative procedure, was presented.

This draft bill comes within the framework of complying this code with the provisions of the Constitution of 1st November 2020, by taking care of the procedures applicable before the Administrative Appeal Courts, which constitute the second degree of jurisdiction in administrative matters after the generalization of the principle of the double degree of jurisdiction.

It also aims to adapt this code to the economic evolutions, notably the development of the national and international trade and the conflicts that could result from it, by defining the procedures applied before the new courts specialized in trade, instituted on the instruction of President of the Republic during the Council of Ministers of 31 October 2021.

This draft bill provides for the simplification of some procedures and also enshrines the introduction of modern digital means in all the stages of legal proceedings.

In accordance with the established procedures, this draft bill will be examined in a future Council of ministers.

In the sector of Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning:

The government examined, during its meeting, a draft executive decree determining the modes of implementing the prerogatives of the governor in terms of the organization, coordination and monitoring of decentralized services of the State, in charge of different activity sector in the province.

This draft executive decree gives the necessary details to strengthen the governor’s authority by providing the mechanisms that help unite efforts locally, improve the effectiveness of the functioning of the Executive and deal with the population’s needs thanks to a better effectiveness of the implementation of the development programmes and projects at the local level.

In the sector of Fisheries and Fishing Products:

A draft executive decree determining the conditions and modes for setting up positioning beacons aboard fishing ships in order to modernize fishing practices and give security to fishers in case of sea hazards.

In this regard, this decree comes in implementation of the law n 01-11 on fishing and aquaculture which forces fishing ships to be equipped with a positioning beacon.

This device will be compulsory for some types of fishing ships.

In the sector of Religious Affairs and Wakfs:

A report on Wakf (endowment) real estate and prospects of its development and promotion was presented, as part of its contribution to the social and economic activities of our country.”



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