Housing Minister announces signature of agreement for construction of 15,000 housing units


ALGIERS – The Minister of Housing, Urbanism and the City, Mohamed Tarek Belaribi announced, Thursday in Algiers, the signing, next Saturday, of an agreement to finance the realization of 15,000 rental-purchase-type housing units (AADL).

Speaking at a plenary session at the People’s National Assembly (APN) devoted to oral questions, the minister said that an agreement will be signed between the National Agency for the Improvement and Development of Housing (AADL) and the People’s Credit Bank of Algeria (CPA) for the financing of a new quota of 15,000 housing units within the framework of the rental-purchase-type housing program.

In response to a question from deputy Ahmed Yacine (National Liberation Front party-FLN) on the choice of sites for the “AADL” program, the minister indicated that the submission of assignment decisions will be made in chronological order of the registration, although housing projects may experience discrepancies in delivery dates with regard to the difficulties likely to hamper projects, such as; those related to land bases.

Mr. Belaribi said that the current price of housing was set in the ministerial instruction of 2017, “in force until now”, which determines the monthly payments to be paid by the subscriber, adding that 45% of the value paid is paid back to home insurance.

Regarding the disparity in the value of charges between the wilayas of the north and the south of the country, the minister explained that these differences are due to the difference in the area of ​​housing projects whose maintenance requires efforts and great resources whenever needed.

Asked by the deputy Djamel Koreich (FLN) on the reclassification of agricultural land for the realization of public utility projects like housing in Mila, the minister affirmed that this concern is taken care of and has been the subject of several interministerial meetings in the presence of executives from the departments of the Interior, Agriculture, Housing and Finance.

These meetings made it possible to resolve several files in several wilayas in order to speed up the procedures for reclassifying agricultural land, in particular those intended to housing projects or public facilities.


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