Head of Pasteur Institute of Algeria voices on Covid-19, Omicron strain, contamination’ spread pace, children infections and vaccination


ALGIERS- The Director General of the Pasteur Institute of Algeria (IPA), Professor Faouzi Derrar, indicated that the spread pace of the strain “omicron” in Algeria is soaring given the constantly increasing figures of daily infections.

He recalled, in this vein, that the spread rate of the Delta variant, at the end of December, was estimated at 80%, and dropped to 67% on January 13, 2022, while the Omicron variant only represented 10% of cases at the end of December. Currently this rate reached 33% on January 13.

Separately, Pr. Derrar reported the detection, yesterday Thursday, of 82 new cases of Omicron strain, underlining that: “Based on the scientific data, the Omicron strain will be the most prevalent and dominant over the next two weeks”.

He explained that Omicron is less dangerous than Delta. And to add: “Be careful, it is less dangerous, but it is more contagious, so frankly we are afraid of a possible saturation in hospitals! “

In addition, Pr. Derrar confirmed that many infections have been recorded among children and students, noting that children are more vulnerable to respiratory viruses.

To this end, he stressed on a strict compliance with the sanitary protocol, including the compulsory wear of a mask, and encouraging children to regularly wash their hands.

He added: “It is necessary to implement the health protocol in schools in order to protect our children”.

Vaccination of children: “It is not a priority at the moment” …

Regarding the vaccination of children, the same official stated that this process is not a priority at the time being.

In a related context, Dr. Derrar confirmed that patients in intensive care are 100% unvaccinated, while 90% of hospital patients (whose number exceeds 4,200 cases) are not vaccinated neither. “These figures are the findings of the latest studies carried out,” he explained.


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