Fight against terrorism : Distinct operations with qualitative results (Jan 1-11)


ALGIERS- Several operations were carried out by detachments and units of the People’s National Army on January 1-11th, 2022,, as part of their noble missions to defend and secure the national territory against all forms of threats, demonstrating the unwavering and unfailing commitment of the Armed Forces to maintain peace and security in the country, said the Ministry of National Defense in a statement.

“In the dynamics of the continuous efforts as part of the fight against terrorism and multifaceted organized crime, units and detachments of the ANP carried out, during the period from January 01st-to Jan 11th, 2022, distinct operations with qualitative results, reflecting the high professionalism, vigilance and permanent availability of our armed forces throughout the national territory, ”noted the same source.

To this end, detachments of the People’s National Army (ANP) captured twenty-six (26) terrorist supporters and 59 drug traffickers, and foiled attempts to introduce more than 23 quintals of smuggled cannabis across the borders with Morocco in separate operations carried out countrywide.

“As part of the fight against terrorism, detachments of the People’s National Army arrested 26 elements supporting terrorist groups in separate operations across the national territory, while other detachments of the ANP discovered and destroyed 13 bunkers for terrorists and 3 homemade bombs during search and combing operations in Aïn Defla and Bouira “, specified the same communiqué.

As part of the fight against organized crime and “in continuity with the intense efforts to thwart the scourge of drug trafficking in our country”, combined detachments of the ANP “intercepted, in coordination with the various security services at the level of the 2nd and 3rd Military Regions, 19 drug traffickers and thwarted attempts to introduce huge quantities of drugs across the borders with Morocco, amounting to 23 quintals and 31 kilograms of treated Hashish, while 40 others Drug traffickers were arrested and four (04) Kalashnikov-type submachine guns, a quantity of ammunition, as well as 136 kilograms of treated Hashish with 88,002 psychotropic tablets were seized during various operations carried out through the other military regions “.

In addition, detachments of the ANP “intercepted, in Tamanrasset, In Guezzam, Bordj Badji Mokhtar, Djanet and Tindouf, 376 individuals and seized 45 vehicles, 359 generators, 192 jackhammers, 7 metal detectors, quantities of explosives, detonation tools and other equipment used in illicit gold mining operations, 102 tonnes of mixture of raw gold and stones, as well as 105 tonnes of foodstuffs intended for smuggling, while twenty (20 ) hunting rifles, two (02) automatic pistols, a quantity of cartridges, 80 quintals of tobacco and 14,680 units of different drinks were seized in Adrar, Ouargla, Djanet, El-Oued, Biskra, Laghouat, Batna, Tébessa, Khenchla and Sétif “.

In addition, the border guards “thwarted attempts to smuggle large quantities of fuel amounting to 43,276 liters in Tamanrasset, Bordj Badji Mokhtar, Tébessa, El-Tarf and Souk Ahras”.

In another context, the Coast Guard “thwarted, at the level of our national coasts, attempts of clandestine emigration and rescued 474 individuals aboard craft-built boats, while 96 illegal immigrants from different nationalities were arrested in Tlemcen, El-Oued, Souk Ahras, Bordj Badji Mokhtar and Tindouf “.

As a reminder, a total of 23 terrorists were neutralized and 222 terrorist supporters arrested in operations conducted by the forces of the People’s National Army during 2021, according to the operational report of the People’s National Army.

Of the 23 terrorists neutralized, 9 were killed, 6 repented (surrounded) and 8 were captured, specified the same source, highlighting the arrest of 222 elements supporting terrorist groups during the same period.

A terrorist cell activating for the benefit of the terrorist organization “Rachad” as well as a terrorist cell composed of elements of the terrorist organization “MAK” were also dismantled.

In addition, the ANP discovered and destroyed, during the same period, 52 caches for terrorists, 39 trapped cell phones, a workshop for weapons and ammunition manufacturing, 97 homemade bombs and an explosive belt.

A missile system against aircraft of the Strella 2M type, a mortar cannon (60 mm caliber), 37 Kalashnikovs, 507 rifles of different types, 29 automatic pistols, 5 batteries for the system, and Strella 2M type missiles against aircraft and 5 mortar shell frames (60 mm caliber) were also recovered.

A total of 27 shells of different calibers were recovered, namely 15 mortar shells of different calibers, 4 rockets for RPG-7, 6 rockets for RPG-2, one rocket for Strella 2M missile system and one FLG rocket.

335,378 bullets, 57 ammunition magazines, 40 propellant charges, 408 detonators, 359.5 kilograms of explosives, 440,000 empty shotgun cartridges, 35 ammunition chains, 2 shotgun barrels and 1952 tear gas bombs were also seized.


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