Covid-19/ Béni Messous hospital: Intensive care units saturated, majority of doctors contaminated


ALGIERS- The Head of the Department of Occupational Medicine and Medical and Paramedical Activities at the University Hospital Center of Béni Messous, in Algiers, Prof. Cherifa Idar, confirmed the hospitalization of 136 patients, adding that the intensive care units in the hospital are saturated, hence, the urgent need to assign other services to deal with the Covid-19 aggravating situation.

The professor explained, in a press statement, that 9 services have been assigned to take care of Covid-19 cases, including services for affected children, pregnant women and people with heart diseases.

“Despite the seriousness of the cases hospitalized for long periods at the CHU of Béni Messous, most of patients did not resort to artificial respiration,” highlighted Professor Cherifa Idar, before reassuring that the recently-recorded death toll is much lower than the figures registered during the third wave.


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