Assault on Algerian journalists with bladed weapons in Cameroon: Algerian Ambassador reveals details!


ALGIERS- The Ambassador of Algeria to Cameroon, Boumediene Mahi referred to the assault with bladed weapons against the Algerian journalists in the Cameroonian city of Douala, as a result of which three of them were injured and ended up in hospital.

To this end, the Algerian envoy revealed that the attack was carried out by a gang from Cameroon.

“The first step I took was to contact the Cameroonian officials, requesting the elucidation of the circumstances of the aggression and those involved,” Mahi said in a press conference held, today, in Cameroon.

In this vein, Mr. Mahi dubbed the incident as an “isolated act,” stressing that it did not reflect the true culture of Cameroonians and the security in Douala.

“We took care of the journalists. We requested a garrison for every Algerian in Cameroon. As long as the health state of the Algerian journalists, victims of this assault, is concerned, i would like to inform you that Ismail Amakran, along with his comrades, have recovered as their health conditions are reassuring and do not cause concern,” stressed the Ambassador.

In a related context, the Algerian envoy confirmed that some parties eye to take advantage of the “isolated incident”, exploiting the act with the aim of distorting the image of Cameroon and damaging its credibility as the organizing country of the of African Cup.

“Cameroon has succeeded in raising the challenge of organizing the CAN, and there are other challenges awating,” underlined the diplomat.

And to add: “The authorities in Cameroon were cooperative, assuring to take the necessary measures to provide the indispensable protection for their guests.”

It is worth recalling that six Algerian journalists had been attacked on the backs and legs with bladed weapons in the Cameroonian city of Douala. Three of them were injured and ended up in hospital.

To this end, people armed with white weapons intercepted journalists covering the African Nations Cup matches, which kicked off on Sunday evening, as they were leaving the hotel and assaulted them, as a result of which three of them were injured.

The assailants robbed them of all their possessions, including passports, while stripping them of their belongings like cell phones. These cowardly attacks have already been strongly condemned by public opinion.

As a result, Cameroonian security forces cordoned off the hotel where Algerian journalists are staying in Douala.


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