UNSC called to take concrete measures to settle situation in Western Sahara


ALGIERS – The representative of the Polisario Front to the United Nations (UN) and the Polisario Front’s coordinator with MINURSO, Sidi Mohamed Omar called on the Security Council to take concrete measures to settle the situation in Western Sahara which has experienced a radical change since the resumption of the armed struggle on 13 November 2020, insisting on the need for the Security Council to become aware of the serious consequences of the status quo policy.

The Sahrawi diplomat made the statement in an article entitled “UN peace operation in Western Sahara: status quo and prospects,” published in a book recently in German entitled “the conflict in Western Sahara between occupation, imperialism and self-determination,” comprising a number of articles of German researchers as well as international and Sahrawi academicians.

The writer broached the situation of the peace process and the obstacles encountered because of the inaction of the Security Council due to the influence of some of its active members, encouraging Morocco to persist in the legislation of its illegal occupation of some regions of Western Sahara.

The Sahrawi diplomat affirmed that the Security Council is called to become aware of the serious consequences of the status quo policy based on the assumption that the less costly solution at the political level is to “preserve the status quo and to let the two sides to the conflict settle it alone on the basis of power relations between them,” adding that it is a very dangerous hypothesis “given its serious effects on the peace and security of the whole region.”

According to Sidi Mohamed Omar, the Security Council must be aware that “the referendum on self-determination which constitutes the backbone of the settlement plan of 1991, is the only solution based on the consent of the two sides,” pointing out that the MINURSO’s main mandate is to organize a free, just and impartial referendum on the Sahrawi people’s self-determination.



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