President Tebboune: 2022 to be exclusively devoted to economy


ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune affirmed Saturday, in Algiers, that 2022 will be inasmuch a year devoted exclusively to the economy.

In his speech at the opening of the national conference on industrial revival, Mr. Tebboune underlined that “after the completion of the constitutional and institutional edifice, 2022 will be exclusively devoted to the economy “.

The President of the Republic presented an inventory of the industrial sector in Algeria, by retracing the different steps taken.

“The industrial sector in Algeria has gone through several stages, the first being overindustrialization, particularly for heavy industry, such as; metallurgy, textiles and petrochemicals,” he pointed out.

And to add: “After the financial ease” reached in the country, the sector began the phase of “false industrialization”, which led to the inflation of tires and the diversion of money abroad under several appellations, in addition to assembly instead of manufacture “.

“For the current phase, all the necessary measures to eradicate corruption and put an end to the squandering of public money are being taken”, underlined President Tebboune.

“With the prevailing of justice, we are resuming the construction of a real industry on rational bases in the service of the national interest as one of the vectors of global development”, concluded President Tebboune.


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