Corruption/ Sonatrach 1 case: Trial adjourned


ALGIERS – The criminal court at the Court of Algiers decided, on Thursday, to adjourn the re-examination of the Sonatrach 1 case to the next criminal session, in which the former CEO of the group Mohamed Meziane and his two sons as well that 15 other defendants are being prosecuted in cases related to corruption and illegal procurement.

The lawyers were absent due to their boycott of the legal action from November 29 to December 2, to denounce the tax system applied in the finance law (LF) 2022, recently adopted by the two chambers of parliament.

Several legal persons are being prosecuted in this case, including the “Saipem Contracting Algeria group”, “the Contel-Funkwerk group”, “the SARL Contel Algeria” and “the Funkwerk company”.

The Supreme Court has decided to re-examine this case following a cassation appeal for its re-enlistment before the criminal tribunal of the Court of Algiers.

To this end, the Court of Algiers pronounced, on February 2, 2016, sentences ranging from 18 months to six (6) years in prison, including suspended sentences and fines against 12 accused, while 7 others were acquitted.

Meziane Mohamed, the former CEO of Sonatrach, was sentenced to a five (5) year suspended sentence with a fine of two (2) million DA.

The son of the former CEO of the Redha Group, manager of the “Contel” group was sentenced to 6 years in prison with a fine of one (1) million Da.

The accused are prosecuted for association of criminals, procurement in violation of the laws in force, granting undue advantages, abuse of office, influence peddling and money laundering.


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