President Tebboune grants interview to national press representatives: Topical domestic, regional, international issues tackled, Here are highlights


ALGIERS- President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, granted an interview to representatives of the national press, aired on the national TV and radio channels on Friday evening from 9:00 pm.

“President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, granted an interview to representatives of national press, during which he discussed national and international issues,” said the Presidency of the Republic in a statement.

The President of the Republic referred to the “radical change in the law governing municipal management,” stressing the need to “review such laws and give broader powers and prerogatives to the elected officials.”

Meanwhile, the President stressed that “powers without means will make no sense,” emphasizing on the occasion, “the need to give the necessary resources to the elected,” which, as he said, requires “a review of the tax law.”

“We will launch, in early 2022, workshops for the revision of the municipal and wilaya codes in order to give more prerogatives to local elected officials and provide them with tools allowing them to honor their commitments to citizens who have chosen them for the management of their affairs,” said the President.

The President of the Republic announced, in this respect, that a “General Inspectorate” will be established under the Presidency of the Republic to monitor the activities of managers.

He added: “The goal that we will reach, God willing, is to create a general inspectorate affiliated with the Presidency of the Republic,” which will monitor the work and activities of managers without knowing that they will be inspected.”

With regard to the policy of social subsidy, the President of the Republic stressed that the policy of subsidy will remain active until Allal inherits the earth, and dwell upon it.

He added that this support stems from “loyalty to our righteous martyrs and to the declaration of the first of November 1954 to build a social and democratic state.”

On the sporting front, President Tebboune renewed his “full support” for the national team, saying in this regard: “The national team has all the support and there are those who are trying to destroy it,” adding that “there are parties trying to harm the morale of the national coach Djamel Belmadi by using websites” to hamper his work and obstruct the path of the national team.

As long as the internal front is concerned, the President said that 2022 would be “the year of structural reforms for the re-building of the modern Algerian state”, noting the application, “step by step”, of his 54 commitments.

President Tebboune called 24 million voters to choose their representatives for a five-year term with complete freedom and transparency. He expressed commitment to protecting the voice of the citizen.

The President of the Republic affirmed, on this occasion, that the post-electoral phase will record several reforms concerning the reconstruction of the social and economic bases of the State.

“After the elections of the local people’s assemblies and wilayas, we will launch reforms of an economic and social nature, in addition to the reconstruction of the social and economic bases of the State in order to set up a modern State”, continued the President.

He affirmed, in the same vein, that the unemployment allowance, provided for in the 2022 Finance Law, was close to the guaranteed minimum national wage and guaranteed to the unemployed until obtaining a job.

For investments, the President also indicated that the investment policy in Algeria took into account the needs of the country, stressing that priority was given to local investors.

Noting that the non-application of his decisions led to the dismissal of walis/ governors and ministers, Mr. Tebboune said that the last cabinet reshuffle took place in this direction (non-application of decisions).

As for the regional and international levels, and addressing Algeria’s relations with its neighbors on the north shore, the President of the Republic affirmed that the revision of the association agreement with the European Union (EU) would allow Algeria to benefit from customs exemptions with a view to consolidating its economy and further strengthening its production and exports.

Regarding Algerian-French relations, President Tebboune highlighted that the return to normal relations will only be on the basis of “equal to equal” treatment, inviting the French side to respect the sovereignty of a country, torn away at the cost of 5,630,000 martyrs who fell to the fields of honor between 1830 and 1962 “.

“Algeria will not tolerate any diktat”, supported President Tebboune, who stressed that “the establishment of relations with France will not be synonymous with placement under its tutelage”.

“Our relations are primarily Mediterranean, Maghreb and Arab. We maintain good relations with all Muslim countries, except those which are hostile to us. Algeria has no hatred for any country,” he added.

In this context, President Tebboune affirmed that “Algeria is a state which brings together the belligerents”, referring to the participation of Syria in the next Arab summit slated for March 22, 2022 in Algiers, adding that this meeting should be unifying and that it could constitute “a new beginning for a torn Arab world”.

Algerian diplomacy will be “a showcase” reflecting the image of Algeria and the efforts made at all levels, he insisted, criticizing the approach of certain Western media which, in no way evoke, “the successful experiences of the country.

“Compared to other countries in the region, Algeria has achieved significant gains,” said the President, citing as an example “the state executives who have managed to contain the Covid-19 and reduce the number of contaminations at a time when the great powers record thousands of cases on a daily basis”.

President Tebboune noted the existence of a media blackout concerning the positive evolution that Algeria has known, adding that the Western media do not mention “the successful experiences of Algeria in many areas and shine the spotlight on the negatives only “.

“This comes at a time when the same media are silent about developments in other countries where people are suffering from oppression and starvation, and in no way mention their internal affairs, which confirms the existence of a plan to bring Algeria to its knees, “he observed.

The major problems which experienced the intervention of Algerian diplomacy were resolved thanks to the principle of confidentiality, President Tebboune recalled.

“Algerian diplomacy today adopts the policy of equals. We will respond to any attack, whatever the nature of the adversary”, assured the President of the Republic.

At the end of this periodic meeting with the national media, President Tebboune expressed discontent that a Zionist Minister threatened an Arab country (Algeria) from another Arab country (Morocco ), calling this act “infamous and dishonorable”. He highlighted that “the threat of Algeria from Morocco is a disgrace and has not occurred since 1948.”

He added: “such an act stigmatizes the host country,” stressing: “We will attack anyone who dares to attack us; an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”.

During a visit to Morocco last August, the foreign minister of the Zionist entity attacked Algeria, describing its role in the region as “worrying”.

“This dangerous adventurism of the Zionist minister undermines the slogan of the alleged” outstretched hand “that Moroccan propaganda continues to spread abusively and in vain”, concluded the Algerian President.


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