Local elections: Council of Nation Speaker calls for high voter turnout


ALGIERS- Speaker of the Council of the Nation, Salah Goudjil, called, Thursday in Algiers, citizens to massively participate in the local elections of November 27.

Delivering a speech after the council’s members voted unanimously on the Finance Bill for the year 2022, Goujil said, “We hope that the people will actively participate in the upcoming local elections, calling for a high voter turnout” .

Salah Goudjil called on citizens “to cast their votes to choose their representatives, thus, taking part in the building of new Algeria.”

In this vein, the Speaker of the Council of the Nation affirmed that the revision of the municipal and provincial laws will give “support within the frameworks of the new constitution and the principle of the people and for the people.”

He announced the organization of coordination meetings with the Ministry of the Interior, local authorities and Urban Development, which will be held by the council after the inauguration of the municipal and provincial councils in order to “discuss the future vision of the municipality, its power the process of decentralization” as well as to “clarify the concept of – the culture of the state – for the official and the citizen, defining the tasks and responsibilities.” .

On another level, Salah Goudjil praised the institution of the National People’s Army, an institution that “should be preserved.”

In this regard, he said: “Among the institutions that should be preserved is the institution of the People’s National Army, the heir worthy of the National Liberation Army.”