Ministers of Trade, Transport inaugurate International Exhibition for Transport and Logistics


ALGIERS-Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Kamel Rezig and Minister of Transport, Aissa Bekkai on Monday inaugurated the International Exhibition for Transport and Logistics (LOGISTICAL) scheduled on 22-25 November in Algiers.

In this vein, the two ministers highlighted the need to further modernize the logistics chain and the transport of goods, while underlining the essential role of these two elements in the development of national exports in a sustainable manner.

The two officials also called on representatives of road, maritime and rail transport companies as well as other operators concerned to effectively contribute to the development of non-hydrocarbon exports, in particular through competitive prices and the reduction of transport times.

As such, Mr. Rezig assured that his sector worked in close collaboration with that of transport to boost trade at local and international levels, affirming that transport and logistics were important for the development of national and foreign trade.

“Also, this partnership between the two sectors will allow us to win the battle for exports which should necessarily go through the modernization of transport and logistics,” he insisted.

For his part, Bekkai, said the country is working for the organization and development of the existing road network and transport infrastructure to improve the flow of goods.

He also referred to the Covid 19 health crisis which impacted international trade by highlighting “the essential role of transport in the success of commercial operations”.

Organized by the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACI) at the exhibition Fair “Pins maritimes” (Safex), under the theme of “the digitization of the logistics chain,” the exhibition brings together more than 70 exhibitors.


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