Justice: 7 years in prison requested against former Premier Sellal


ALGIERS – The Public Prosecutor at the Economic and Financial Penal Pole of the tribunal of Sidi M’hamed (Algiers), on Monday, requested a sentence of seven (7) years in prison and a fine of one (1) million DA against the former Prime Minister, Abdelmalek Sellal, involved in a case related to corruption in the province of Bejaia.

A sentence of three (3) years in prison with a fine of 100,000 DA was also required against his cabinet chief, Mustapha Rahiel, the former wali of Bejaia, Ouled Salah Zitouni and the former Secretary general of the wilaya as well as the businessman Laâlaoui Mahmoud.

The former Prime Minister and his cabinet chief are prosecuted in cases related to corruption, facing charges of “abuse of office and granting undue advantages”.

During the hearing of the accused, Abdelmalek Sellal denied the existence of a relationship with the businessman Laâlaoui. For his part, the former chief of the cabinet, Mustapha Rahiel denied his intervention to grant facilitations for the construction of a tourist hotel, declaring that “the intervention of the Prime Minister at the time was within the framework of the facilitations granted to investors in order to create new jobs “.

The tribunal, also, interviewed the businessman Mahmoud Laâlaoui as well as several executives from the wilaya of Béjaia, the technical services of the Civil Protection Directorate of the wilaya and Sonelgaz.


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