Medea: Terrorist cell, affiliated with Rachad terrorist movement, dismantled


ALGIERS- The elements of the research brigade of the National Gendarmerie in Médéa, announced, today Friday in a statement, the dismantling of a terrorist cell, made up of 21 members, and affiliated with the “Rachad” terrorist movement.

According to the same communiqué, members of the terrorist cell were brought before the Public Prosecutor at the Specialized Criminal Pole at the Sidi M’hamed tribunal in Algiers.

To this end, eighteen individuals were remanded in custody, while the three other defendants were placed under judicial supervision awaiting the trial.

Those arrested are being prosecuted for “a conspiracy against state security, inciting citizens against the government and undermining national unity”. The defendants are also active in a terrorist organization operating abroad.

They are also charged with publishing posts on social media for “propaganda” purposes with a view to harming the national interest, the same communiqué pointed out.

In this vein, the National Gendarmerie calls on all citizens to participate effectively in the fight against the various forms of crimes and to immediately report any criminal act.

Finally, the communiqué recalled the technological means that are at the citizens’ service, namely; the free toll number (Green number) of the National Gendarmerie (10.55), and the website for preliminary inquiries and complaints (PPGN.MDN.DZ).


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