Algerian FM Lamamra: “ Conditions not favourable for President Tebboune to participate in Paris Conference on Libya”


ALGIERS- “President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, will not participate in the Paris international conference on Libya, because the conditions are not favourable, but Algeria will be present at the conference,” Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra said on Wednesday.

FM Lamamra pointed out that Algeria will be represented at the Paris Conference because Libyans want it to take part, but he didn’t name the official who will travel to France for the event.

Paris Conference comes as Algeria and France are in controversial dispute regarding Macron’s irrespensible statements that led to the withdrawal of Algerian ambassador from Paris for consultation and the closure of the Algerian airspace to French military airplanes.

The French President Emmanuel Macron is seeking to reconnect with his Algerian counterpart, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune. According to the French daily “L’Opinion”, the French President tried, on Monday evening, to talk to his Algerian counterpart , in particular to convince him to come to Paris for the Conference on Libya, to be held this Friday. However, his efforts were in vain!

The French President, Emmanuel Macron regretted what he called “the misunderstandings from comments he made about Algeria, in an indication that Paris is trying to calm relations with the North African country.

A French presidential official stated before the holding, on Friday in Paris, of a conference on Libya, to which Mr. Tebboune had been invited, that Algiers was a key actor in the region and Macron wanted him to attend.

The official expressed, during a press brief devoted to the conference on Libya organized on Friday in Paris, Macron’s regrets after the comments he made:
“The president regrets the controversies and misunderstandings generated by the remarks reported and I will add that President Macron has the greatest respect for the Algerian nation, its history and the sovereignty of Algeria,” the official said.
“He is strongly attached to the development of our two countries bilaterally for the benefit of the Algerian and French populations, and also to meet the great regional challenge, starting with Libya.”

Mr. Macron had triggered the anger of Algiers after comments, reported on October 2 by the daily Le Monde, accusing the Algerian “politico-military” system of maintaining a “memorial rent” by serving its people an “official history “which” is not based on truths “.

“President Macron has the greatest respect for the Algerian nation, for its history and for the sovereignty of Algeria,” said the Elysee, expressing France’s willingness to further enhance bilateral relationship for the benefit of the Algerian and French peoples and to cooperate with it to respond to major regional challenges, starting with Libya”.

The Elysee Palace said that Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune was invited to Friday’s conference to help Libya get out of the crisis, in particular in anticipation of the upcoming presidential election scheduled for December 24.

“Algeria is a major player in the region and the president wishes the participation of President Tebboune in this conference”, according to the adviser.


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