President Tebboune voices on 2022 Arab Summit, common Arab action, UN, African Union, bilateral relations …..


ALGIERS-The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune said, Monday, that Algeria will host the Arab Summit in March 2022.

Supervising the opening of the Conference of the Heads of Algerian Diplomatic and Consular Missions, held at the Palace of Nations, President Tebboune declared that Algeria will host the Arab Summit in March 2022 .

Here are snatches from President Tebboun’s address :

“On the global level, it remains necessary to take proactive measures, in order to consolidate Algeria’s role as an influential actor, contributing seriously to confronting international challenges, by putting forward ideas and initiatives that would enhance multilateral action.

In the context of the foregoing, priority should be given to Algeria’s future membership in the United Nations Security Council, during the 2024-2025 period, to contribute to efforts aimed at maintaining international peace and security.

We should also work in cooperation with countries that share our views and positions to strengthen the role of the United Nations, to bring it to assume the responsibilities entrusted to it, especially towards the Palestinian and Saharaoui peoples.

At the continental level, it is necessary to carry on efforts to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and friendship with African countries, which reflect the strategic, geographical, and cultural depth of our country.

In this context, strengthening the African Union to protect it from malicious attempts targeting its unity and central role, will remain among the priorities of our diplomatic work.

With the same determination, we should continue efforts to promote joint Arab action, by creating the necessary conditions for the success of the upcoming Arab summit, which will be held, God willing, in March in Algeria. This summit should constitute a valuable opportunity to renew the collective commitment to support the Palestinian cause, by reaffirming the adherence of all Member States to the Arab Peace Initiative. We should also seize this opportunity to study the reform file of the Arab League, with the aim of improving its performance, in the context of a new vision for joint Arab action.

The Algerian diplomacy is also called upon to intensify its efforts in order to achieve security and stability at the regional level, especially by participating in resolving the Libyan crisis and promoting stability in the Sahel region.

As for partnerships, we must work in a rational and balanced way to develop political, economic and trade relations with our main partners in Europe, North America and Asia.

From now on, everyone must work to achieve an approach that preserves the Algerian industrial fabric, protects the national product, and provides outlets for our exporters abroad. Therefore, it is necessary to work on establishing more balanced relations, with all our partners, especially with the European Union.

In its bilateral relations with its European partners, Algeria will not tolerate any interference in its internal affairs and will always be ready to establish relations based on mutual respect and full commitment to the principle of sovereign equality between states.

Meanwhile, with regard to our relations with Russia, the United States and China, our diplomatic apparatus should endeavor to further strengthen them, especially at the economic level, and our ambassadors must work to strengthen our relations with other countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands, to restore communication at all levels and broaden cooperation relations with these countries.”


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