Qatar, Saudi Arabia support “alleged” Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara: Statements are ridiculous rhetoric and fallacies


ALGIERS- The Algerian media group Ennahar TV underlined that the statements of the permanent representatives of Saudi Arabia and Qatar to the United Nations regarding Western Sahara dossier are just falsehoods, ridiculous rhetoric and fallacies, aimed at misleading international public opinion, as they are uttered by countries that have contributed greatly to the fragmentation of the Arab world.

Ennahar TV underscored, quoting reliable sources, that the remarks voiced by the permanent representatives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Qatar to the United Nations at the general debate of the Fourth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly on the issue of Western Sahara aimed to mislead international public opinion, whenever the just cause of Western Sahara is included on the agenda of UN councils and committees.

Although the international community did not recognize the subordination of Western Sahara to Moroccan sovereignty. However, these voices rise, from time to time, at the behest of the Moroccan leader to express lofty principles, such as; sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity that do not correspond to this file.

The sources added that these voices are rising to open shops called “consulates” in the occupied territories, with Moroccan funding. Hence, the provisions of international law and relevant resolutions of international legitimacy that deal with the issue of Western Sahara as an issue of decolonization are totally disregarded.

As a reminder, these seasonal trumpets ignore the decisions of the International Court of Justice, pronounced in the Hague in 1975 in this regard. Most recently, noteworthy, the US Senate Appropriations Committee passed a resolution prohibiting the State Department from using its financial appropriations to establish or operate a consulate in Western Sahara. This important decision comes to embody the United States Congress’s rejection of Trump’s announcement of alleged Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara in exchange for Morocco officially recognizing Israel.

This step by the American Congress comes a few days after the letter sent by senior members of the Senate to the Secretary of State, asking him to work to enforce respect for human rights and a commitment to the right to self-determination in Western Sahara.

At a time when our country reserves the right to confront these desperate and despicable attempts, Ennahar sources ruled down that Algeria will respond to these ridiculous rhetoric and fallacies emanating from the above-mentioned countries, that are, restlessly, contributing to igniting sedition in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Iraq and Lebanon at a time when they remain unable to defend their vital interests!.

Speaking before the 4th Committee of the UN General Assembly, the Permanent Representatives of Qatar and Saudi Arabia to the UN, said that their countries support the efforts of the UN Secretary General to achieve a lasting political solution to the decades-long Sahara dispute, while “ensuring the alleged sovereignty of the Kingdom of Morocco over its territory”.

These statements coincided with Algeria’s rejection of the format of the round tables, deeming them ineffective and counterproductive.

The Algerian special envoy for Western Sahara issue and Maghreb countries, Ambassador Amar Belani, explained that Algeria has never committed itself to be part of the warring parties to the conflict in the future, adding that this format is far from the ideal solution and that, on the contrary, it has become counterproductive since Morocco has decided, irresponsibly and dishonestly, to use it to try pitifully to avoid the decolonization nature of Western Sahara issue in favour of an alleged regional and artificial conflict to which Algeria would be a party.

“For these reasons, we confirm our formal and irreversible rejection of this so-called round table format and have instructed our permanent representative in New York to notify this position of the Algerian government to the chairman of the Security Council, asking him to circulate the verbal note in question to all members of the Council.”


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