Meeting of six historic leaders, “decisive” turning point in people’s struggle for freedom


ALGIERS – The meeting of the six historic leaders was a “decisive” turning point in the struggle of the Algerian people who aspired to freedom and the recovery of national sovereignty, affirmed, on Saturday in Algiers, the Minister of Mojahedin and Right-holders, Laïd Rebiga .

The Minister recalled, in his speech during a lively conference on the occasion of the 67th anniversary of the meeting of the six historic leaders, on October 23, 1954, the importance of this “decisive” meeting in the struggle of the Algerian people who aspired to freedom and the recovery of its sovereignty.

“A group of valiant Mojahedin had worked out the last arrangements before the outbreak of the Revolution on November 1, 1954, to which the people joined seeking freedom”, recalled Mr. Rebiga who highlighted the major role of the Glorious war of liberation in the liberation of peoples from the colonial yoke in all its forms.

In addition, the minister highlighted the preparations for the celebration of the 67th anniversary of the Revolution which will be placed under the high patronage of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

A rich program was decided on this occasion providing for “numerous scientific, cultural and sporting activities to be organized by all the institutions and sectors under the supervision of the national commission and the wilayas commissions for the preparation of celebratory ceremonies and national holidays. This program will be carried out in the four corners of the country and at the level of our diplomatic representations abroad, “he pointed out.

This commemoration coincides this year with the opening of the National History Book Fair, organized at the National Mujahedin Museum in coordination with the National Organization of Book Publishers (Onel).

In a press statement on the sidelines of the conference, Mr. Rebiga said that the recent statements by official France concerning Algeria “do not harm” the country, because, he explained, “Algeria is a country which respects itself….. which has its identity and its traditions “.

“The ministry is continuing, afoot, its efforts and plans to hold a national symposium on “memory and the issue of writing national history,” he stated.

The speakers affirmed, in their speeches, that the Glorious War of Liberation was started by young people between the ages of 27 and 37, mostly from rural areas whose revolutionary consciousness had crystallized because of the misery in which their compatriots lived “.


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