Sidi M’Hamed tribunal: Verdict of former ICT Minister Houda Feraoun pronounced


Algiers- The former Minister of Post and Information Technologies (ICT), Houda Imene Feraoun was sentenced, on Monday, by the economic and financial penal pole of Sidi M’Hamed tribunal, to a 3-year prison sentence accompanied by a fine of 500,000 DA, while the former CEO of Algeria Telecom Tayeb Kebbal, sentenced to 5 years in prison, was placed under arrest warrant at the hearing.

In addition, the pole pronounced the release in favor of the president of the commission of the negotiations at Algeria Telecom, Sid Ahmed. B as well as all the members of the committee, namely; Ahmed. A, Adel. KH, Amine. TO, Ahmed. Ch. The former CEO of Mobilis also benefited from the acquittal.

The penal department imposed a fine of 4 million DA against the two Chinese companies ZTE and Huawei and 10 million DA, to be injected into the Public Treasury.

Earlier last week, the Public Prosecutor at the Financial and Economic Penal Pole of the tribunal of Sidi M’hamed (Algiers), requested a sentence of eight (8) years in prison with a fine of 100,000 DA against the former Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Imane Houda Feraoun, and the former Director General of Algeria Telecom, Tayeb Kebbal, for corruption, squandering of public funds, granting undue advantages and abuse of office.

The Public Prosecutor also requested six (6) years in prison against the accused Berrani Sid Ahmed, chairman of the Algerian Telecom markets commission, and four (4) years in prison against the rest of the accused, including the former vice-president and general manager of Algeria Telecom, Ahmed Choudar, and members of this commission as well as its technical secretary. He also requested five (5) years of ineligibility against all the accused.

The Public Prosecutor, also, requested a fine of five (5) million DA against the companies “Huawei” and “ZTE” with the confiscation of the balance of bank and postal accounts and all property seized by order of the investigating judge of the tribunal of Sidi M’hamed. The trial which began on Monday continues with the pleadings of the defense of the accused.


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