French press agency “AFP” turns to be mouthpiece for terrorist, separatist organization


ALGIERS – A dispatch from the French press agency “AFP” praising the terrorist movement “MAK”, published on Thursday, was perceived as a slippage, causing great indignation, especially within Algerian media circles, because it clearly supports the activities of this terrorist organization.

This “ dangerous slippage ” comes, according to several observers, after a “ large-scale security ” operation which allowed the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) to intercept an attempted terrorist attack in different parts of the country by individuals belonging to the terrorist movement “MAK”. This operation resulted in the arrest of 17 elements of this terrorist organization, as well as the discovery of the ins and outs of a plot carried out in collaboration with the Zionist entity and a state in North Africa.

These same circles wonder about the “ strange ” method used by AFP to praise this terrorist organization in contradiction with the principles and ethics of the profession of journalism, to the point of becoming “ a platform of choice ” ‘for an organization classified as a dangerous terrorist organization, as investigations and compelling evidence have shown its propensity for extremism and violence with the use of weapons and armaments of war, as well as publications and propaganda leaflets inciting separatism and violence.

This media release confirmed the involvement of certain lobbies who control information, geared towards the destabilization of certain countries, in particular Algeria… a tenacious and unshakeable country in its historical positions.

This slippage is not the first of its kind, because other dispatches of the same kind have preceded it, far from the commitments of professionalism, the aim of which is to obscure the realities, as well as to serve agendas representing a bygone era.

This same media slippage comes just days after declarations “ devoid of truth ”, according to observers of the French president, who targeted the Algerian nation, whose roots are deeply rooted in a rich history of resistance, heroism and of glory.

President Abdelmadjid Tebboune had recently insisted during a meeting with representatives of the national press that ” Algeria’s dignity is ” a red line ” and that ” the Algerian state, with its institutions, its strength, its army, its economy, and its people bow only to God. ”


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