Algerian Ambassador to France Daoud stresses need to encourage Algerians living in France to invest in homeland


ALGIERS-The Algerian ambassador to France, Mohamed Antar Daoud stressed the need tp encourage the Algerian community in France to invest in their country of origin through the facilitation of procedures and tackling bureaucracy.

“I say that double, triple or quadruple nationality should be an asset for Algerians (…). And it is up to us to ensure that those who want to invest in Algeria are not faced with an obstacle course “, declared Mr. Daoud during the Forum of El Moudjahid devoted to the commemoration of the massacres of October 17, 1961, calling ” to denounce the bureaucracy at all levels “.

“It is unacceptable that Algeria, which has the largest foreign community in France with 18 consulates, cannot act as a lever to intervene not only in Algerian policy, but (also) at the level of French policy”, he declared, insisting that “Algeria needs all of its children”.

After announcing the upcoming opening of a 19th Algerian consulate in France, Mr. Daoud stressed the importance of federating all socio-professional categories in a network, recalling, on the occasion, the spirit of solidarity of Algerians in France during the sanitation crisis and the fires that ravaged certain regions of the country, particularly in Kabylie.

“The Algerian community in France is a community committed to its country”, he said, noting in particular the work carried out by the Association of Algerians in Europe, after the independence of the country.

Algeria had recalled, on October 2, for consultations, its ambassador in Paris, following unchallenged remarks that several French sources attributed, nominally, to the French President, undermining the history and institutions of the State, qualifying them as “inadmissible interference” in its internal affairs.


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