Spanish judiciary decides to close judicial file of Sahrawi President Ibrahim Ghali


ALGIERS- The Spanish judiciary decided to close the judicial file of the President of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Ibrahim Ghali, with regard to the trumped-up accusations against him and which are fabricated by Moroccan agencies, due to the lack of evidence, and the contradiction of witness statements, according to local media reports.

The reports said that the investigating judge of the National Court in Madrid, Santiago Pedras, decided not to pursue the Sahrawi President Brahim Ghali in the charges brought against him, in relation to trumped-up cases against him, due to “the lack of evidence and the contradiction in the plaintiff’s and witness statements, who were interrogated, as well as the apparent lack of details related to the circumstances of the place and time of the events, and specific details about the defendant’s participation,” in addition to the limitation period.

In this context, the advisor to the Sahrawi President, Al-Nana Labat Al-Rasheed, said that the Spanish judiciary rejected all the accusations against President Ghali, “because they contradict reality,” and that the prosecutors, who were recruited by the Makhzen regime, did not provide any evidence for these false allegations.

The Saharawi official stated that since Mr. Brahim Ghali atook office as president in 2016, the Moroccan occupation regime has been recruiting parties to confuse the Saharawi cause by targeting its national symbols, as is the case with its President Ghali, but the Spanish judiciary decided to close the file permanently, after making sure that President Ghali had nothing to do with these accusations.

The judge of the Spanish Central Investigation Court, Santiago Pedraz, had decided, on July 29, to close and archive the complaint, which was submitted by an association loyal to the Moroccan intelligence, against the Secretary-General of the Polisario Front, President of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Ibrahim Ghali, due to conflicting statements of witnesses with the allegations of the complaint.



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