PM Benabderrahmane installs workshops on revision of laws on commune, province


ALGIERS- Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Aimene Benabderrahmane, on Tuesday, installed the workshops on the revision of the laws on commune and province e, the Prime Ministry’s Office said in a press statement.

The workshops on the revision of laws are composed of representatives of Houses of Parliament, Governors and representatives of ministerial departments.

The PM recalled at this ceremony that the revision of the laws governing local authorities was part of “the instructions given by the President of the Republic to the Government to revise the laws relating to local governance.

He also stressed “the importance” to be given to the economic role of municipalities to allow the emergence of a “real” local economy which is one of “the foundations of the country’s development and economic.”

The work of these workshops, which will be led by the Ministry of Interior, will lead to “further” decentralization. They must culminate in recommendations of appropriate “laws” before the end of the current year, said the source.

The installation ceremony, which took place at the Government Palace, was attended by the Minister of Interior, Agriculture, Housing, Communication, Public Works, Transport and Environment.


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