Tightening procedures for visa granting to Algerians: Ambassador of France summoned


ALGIERS- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad summoned, Wednesday, the ambassador of France to Algeria, “in order to notify him of a formal protest of the Algerian government following a unilateral decision of the French government affecting the quality and flow of the movement of Algerian nationals travelling to France,” according to a ministerial statement.

The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad affirmed that “this decision, which came without prior consultation with the Algerian side, included unacceptable behavior through the media uproar that accompanied it, which caused confusion and ambiguity regarding its motives and the scope of its application.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that the Secretary-General of the Ministry, “Mr. Rachid Chakib Kaid, highlighted the central position of the human element in the Algerian-French relationship, stressing the need for a balanced and transparent management in accordance with bilateral and international legal instruments for the phenomenon of the movement of persons.”

He also explained that “Algeria deplores this regrettable act, which exposes fragility and suspicion to a sensitive area of ​​cooperation, an area that requires trust and respect for the dignity of persons and the commitments adopted by the two governments.”



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