FM: New Algeria maintains path of consolidating foundations of democratic construction


ALGIERS- Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, Ramtane Lamamra, confirmed, Monday, that Algeria is continuing, at a steady pace, the path of consolidating the foundations of the democratic construction of the new Algeria with the consecration of the rule of law and social justice, after the fundamental amendment of the constitution and legislative elections, while it is currently preparing for local elections.

In his speech during the general debate of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Mr. Lamamra explained that “the path of democratic change in Algeria is embodied in the government’s action plan, which was approved a few days ago with its five main axes, which focus on strengthening the rule of law and consolidating governance, modernizing justice and strengthening freedoms, dialogue and consultation and the establishment of a free and responsible civil society, in addition to freedom of assembly and peaceful demonstration and freedom of the press, the fight against corruption and the modernization of the administration and the public service,” stressing that all these political reforms “crystallize the will of Algeria, the people and the state, to promote human rights in a broad sense in all parts of the country.” .

Speaking about economic reforms, the minister highlighted that the government seeks to strengthen the foundations of economic recovery, modernization of the banking and financial system, reform of the public commercial sector, and the governance of public institutions, not to mention improving the attractiveness of the investment climate, and upgrading the framework for the development of institutions and entrepreneurship.

The head of the Algerian diplomacy stated that since the entry into force of the Sustainable Development Goals, Algeria has made great progress in achieving these goals, as it ranked first at the African and Arab levels in 2019 within the classification of the “Sustainable Development Index” related to the implementation of the seventeen sustainable development goals.

With regard to environmental issues, Mr. Lamamra stated that Algeria remains preoccupied with the aggravation of problems affecting various relevant aspects, especially the phenomenon of desertification, which the country has been suffering from for decades, and the continuous increase in climatic disasters such as floods, droughts and the scarcity of rain, and the resulting effects of Negative residues at the economic and social levels, as well as other damages caused by environmental disasters, climate change and the alarming decline of biodiversity.

Despite its limited capabilities, Lamamra stressed that Algeria has spared no effort to confront the various challenges posed by these developments, noting that environmental issues have become an important part of public policies pursued by the state at various levels and in various sectors.

In conclusion, Mr. Lamamra stressed that the existential challenges imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic proved the inevitability of the common destiny of all humanity, and assured the international community the imperative of joint action in order to ensure a better future, adding that humanity is facing a precious opportunity, which we must seize, not in order to change the past, but to ensure a real breakthrough towards a new era that allows everyone to live a decent life free from fear and need.



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