Premier: President Tebboune’s instructions “ road map that should be literally implemented”


The Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Aïmene Benabderramane affirmed, Sunday in Algiers, that the instructions and directives given by the President of the Republic during the government-governors meeting, are a “road map that the governors should literally implement.”

At the conclusion of the work of the government-governors2-day meeting, held at the Palace of Nations, Mr. Benabderramane stressed that the “valuable” recommendations that the participants came up with “are relied upon by the government to be an extension of its work program at the local level.”

While pointing out that this meeting coincided with the Parliament’s approval of the government’s action plan, the Prime Minister called on the governors to “mobilize” in order to overcome the challenge of achieving the goals of the government’s “ambitious” action plan, noting that most of the recommendations are included in the action plan.

He stressed that the meeting’s recommendations will be “monitored at the government level, which will work to strengthen the legal and legislative framework to implement these recommendations.”

In another context, Mr. Benabderramane spoke about the local elections scheduled for next November 27, expressing his hope that they will result in “qualified and impartial local officials who are far from corruption,” which would “increase the performance of management at the local level.” .



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