Energy Minister: 32 untapped mining materials in Algeria


ALGIERS- Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, revealed, on Saturday, the census of 32 untapped mining substances in Algeria, stressing the importance of intensifying investment in the mining sector.

Mohamed Arkab, as part of his participation in a workshop on “Examining ways and means of reviving investment, creating wealth and sustainable job opportunities”, organized within the framework of the government-governors meeting, explained that structural projects should be developed in each province of the country and move towards the stage of energy exploitation in short periods, according to the capabilities that the country has.

The minister sent an invitation to investors, during the next 15 days, to present the mining potential, especially for the existing minerals, stressing that the sector seeks to attract private investments in the mining sector.

Mr. Arkab called on governors, in all provinces, to support investors in extracting mining wealth, considering that the intervention of about 15 sectors in decision making on investment files leads to alienation of investors due to the large number and weight of administrative procedures, pointing, in this context, to the need to involve small enterprises in mining investment.



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