Batna: Apples production expected to exceed 1.1 million quintals


ALGIERS- Apples production is expected to exceed 1 million and 100 thousand quintals this year in Batna province, as reported, on Thursday, by the agriculture directorate services of the province.

Local sector manager Mohamed Ali Lmoudaa said that the forecast indicates that the average yield per hectare exceeds 262 quintals of this fruit, which reflects a good harvest.

The newly-launched apple harvesting campaign is taking place across the province, according to the same official, who pointed out on the importance of this product in terms of the area allocated locally and estimated at about 20 percent of the total area of the fruit tree division as a whole.

The total area planted with apples trees in Batna according to the director of agricultural services was 4834 hectares, of which 4100 hectares are productive.

This agricultural season saw a slight increase in new planting with trees estimated at 15 hectares and the entry of 21 hectares into production phase compared to the 2019-2020 season, which was characterized by a bumper crop estimated at 1.7 million quintals and an increase of 500 thousand quintals from the 2018-2019 season.

It is worth mentioning that apples became very famous in all Batna province municipalities, while the two types (Golden) and (Royal) remain the most widespread and also the most requested by customers.



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