Lethal forest fires: 08 suspects, arrested in Tizi Ouzou, remanded in custody


ALGIERS- The eight suspects, arrested in Tizi Ouzou, have been placed in temporary detention, according to a statement issued, Wednesday, by the National Gendarmerie Command, on the latest developments in the investigations into the lethal forest fires that recently affected several regions of the country.

The statement indicated that “the suspects have been arrested on charges related to belonging and participating in terrorist and criminal organizations and groups” and deliberately outbreaking fires in forests leading to the death of several people.”

The statement added that the suspects are also being charged “with the felony of compromising the unity of the country and carrying out terrorist and sabotage acts targeting state security and national unity,” noting that “some of them are charged with a misdemeanor of receiving funds from outside the country as part of a group or organization with the intent of carrying out acts that would harm the state and national unity, in implementation of a plan orchestrated inside and outside the country.”

“Some of them are charged with a misdemeanor of deliberately publishing and promoting false and malicious news that would give a blow to public security and public order,” underlined the same communiqué, adding that “all the suspects were in contact with the so-called Ferhat Mhenni, the head of the terrorist organization “MAK”.

The same source confirmed that “investigations are ongoing to bring the rest of the parties involved before the competent judicial authorities and to identify all those involved.”

It is worth recalling that judicial police investigations led to “the arrest of 08 suspects in Tizi Ouzou and 08 others in Bejaia, all active in the terrorist organization “MAK”,” according to a National Gendarmerie Command’s Statement issued last Monday.



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