President Tebboune declares September 15 National Day of Imam


ADRAR-President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune has decided to declare the date of September 15, which coincides with the anniversary of the death of the eminent Sheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkebir, National Day of Imam.

“We have decided to declare the 15th of September, which coincides with the anniversary of the death of eminent Sheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkebir, as the National Day of Imam, in tribute to the deceased” and in recognition of “the civilizational project he held as well as his proven contribution to the building of the country and the education of generations,” said President Tebboune in a message to the participants in the 19th national colloquium devoted to the memory of Sheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkebir and read on his behalf by Minister of Religious Affairs and Wakfs Youcef Belmehdi.

Sheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkebir was an “eminent scholar” and a “virtuous peacemaker,” underlined President of the Republic, pointing out that “through this tribute, in his school of teaching and training imams and reciters of the Holy Quran, we proudly contemplate the fruits of the work of the eminent Sheikh whose scientific and educational influence exceeds our national borders to illuminate other regions, notably in Africa.”

President Tebboune emphasized the importance of broaching the symbolism of imam Belkebir within society, being a reference by his culture and identity, which has rooted in the people the consideration and respect for the imam, who, he added, proves worthy of the confidence of our noble people who also value the commitment of our Ulema and imams to the issues of religion, nation and human being.”

While hailing the imams’ efforts, President of the Republic said “caravans of mujahedeen and martyrs set off from the mosques and zawiyas, to lead the blessed popular revolutions until the Glorious Revolution of November 1st.” The efforts and moves of our imams foiled all the schemes aimed to undermine the country’s unity, he added.

“After Algeria’s independence and the recovery of the national sovereignty, imams, alongside the nation’s children, shifted from the battle of jihad and liberation to the illumination, to spread moderation and reject extremism,” he underlined.



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