Boumerdes: Several forest fires break out in Beni Amrane, Tidjelabine


BOUMERDES-Several fires broke out on Tuesday evening in the mountainous region of Beni Amrane and spread to the neighboring town of Tidjelabine (east of the province of Boumerdes), said the local directorate of Civil Protection.

The communications officer of this institution, Lieutenant Hocine Bouchachia, told APS that no significant material loss was recorded, except for a few old abandoned houses.

The same source explained that these fires, which sowed panic among the population, broke out, in particular, in the regions of Souika and Ghazibaoun in the mountainous area of ​​the commune of Beni Amrane, before spreading, under the effect of the wind, to other neighboring areas including El Merayel and Beni Fouda in the locality of Tidjelabine.

Civil protection services mobilized all human and material resources to extinguish these fires.

Intervention units from neighboring wilayas were, also, dispatched to Boumerdes to participate in these operations to extinguish these fires which quickly spread due to the wind and intense heat, concluded Lieutenant Bouchachia.


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