Moudjahid Mouloud Boubertekh no longer alive


ALGIERS- The Moudjahid Mouloud Boubertekh, member of the National Liberation Army, passed away at the age of 87, APS reported, on Monday, quoting the Ministry of Mojahedin and Rights-Holders.

The deceased joined the ranks of the National Liberation Army in the historic Wilaya II in 1955 as a djoundi (soldier) under the responsibility of Commander Zighoud Youcef until 1956, then under that of the Moudjahid Ali Kafi and the Moudjahid Salah Boubnider from 1957 to 1962.

Known for his noble qualities, he participated in several battles with courage and was a symbol of bravery and patriotism and all who know him have respect and esteem for him.

In the aftermath of independence, the late moudjahid continued his fight in the ranks of the People’s National Army with abnegation and dedication to the message of the Chouhada before joining the teaching body.

He joined the National Liberation Front (FLN) party, where he was elected delegate of the Mujahedin in the region of El Milia until his death after a journey rich in sacrifices.

In this painful ordeal, the Minister of Mojahedin and Rights Holders, Laïd Rebiga offered his most saddened condolences to the family of the deceased and his comrades in arms, praying to Allah the Almighty to bestwo upon him His Holy Mercy and grant patience and serenity to his families and companions.


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