Tribunal of Sidi M’hamed: 22 individuals activating in”MAK” remanded in custody


ALGIERS- Twenty two (22) suspects belonging to the Movement for the Autonomy of Kabylia (MAK), were remanded in custody by the Sidi M’hamed tribunal, indicated Ennahar TV channel.

Indeed, the investigating judge at the Sidi M’hamed tribunal ordered, the remand in custody, of 22 suspects, while eight others were placed under judicial control, specified the same source.

The National Security units arrested, in this week, 27 individuals in Kherrata (Bejaia) and Beni Ouartilane (Setif), accused of belonging to the terrorist organization “MAK” and of attempting to “sow Fitna (strife) and terror among citizens as well as reactivate dormant terrorist cells at the instigation of parties abroad,” the units said in a statement.

National Security units have dealt with a case related to “undermining national unity and public order and inciting to rally”, with the arrest of 27 individuals accused of belonging to the terrorist organization “MAK”, in the cities of Kherrata and Beni Ouartilane and attempt to sow strife and terror among citizens and to reactivate dormant terrorist cells at the instigation of parties based abroad,” said the same source.

Members of the criminal organization ” resorted to assault and aggression and hold-up of commercial premises, as 25 individuals were arrested in Kherrata and 2 others in Beni Ouartilane”.

“The operation of police elements to restore law and order and protect citizens and property has led to the arrest of the perpetrators. Elements of the National Security were injured by stone throwing and hard and sharp objects, “noted the statement.

The inspection of the homes of the defendants, on the orders of the territorially competent public prosecutor’s office, led to the recovery of ” military uniform items, equipment, a metal detector, bladed weapons, forged stamps bearing the words ‘voted’ and ‘voted by proxy’, administrative ledgers, ‘MAK’ flags and mobile phones”, the statement concluded.


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