Morocco wants to drag Zionist Entity into “risky adventure” against Algeria


ALGIERS- Misleading statements, from Morocco, about Algeria show a “dull desire” to drag the Zionist Entity into a “risky adventure” against Algeria, the ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad said Sunday.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad confirmed that the “false statements” made by Morocco regarding Algeria indicate “the latter’s hidden desire to drag its new Middle Eastern ally, in a dangerous adventure directed against Algeria, its values ​​and principled positions.”

The Algerian diplomacy responded, in a statement, to “some false and ill-intended statements made by Morocco regarding Algeria and its regional role, as well as its relations with another country,” which were relayed by international media, saying that “this arbitrary move, which was directed by Nasser Bourita in his capacity as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Morocco, indicates the latter’s hidden desire to drag his new Middle Eastern ally into a dangerous adventure directed against Algeria, its values ​​and its principled positions.

It pointed out that “this dangerous adventure, constitutes an official denial of the alleged ‘outstretched hand’, which Moroccan propaganda continues to spread arbitrarily and absurdly.”

The Algerian Foreign Ministry concluded by emphasizing that “this public practice, according to the testimony of all the Maghreb peoples, reflects a suicidal headlong rush, to the extent that the head of Moroccan diplomacy is cunningly trying to add to his desperate attempt to distort the nature of the Western Sahara conflict, which remains an issue of decolonization, a new actor represented in a Middle Eastern military force which continues to reject a just and lasting peace with the Palestinian people and resorting to the Arab peace initiative, to which Algeria remains sincerely committed.



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