Traffic accidents: Up to 60 billion dinars lost since start of 2021


The human and material losses caused by traffic accidents are alarming. Thus, the bill for road accidents represents a heavy burden for both the socio-economic actors and the State, with a significant number of deaths for which the State bears the brunt of the financial burden.

“More than 60 billion dinars is the cost of road accidents nationwide recorded at the end of May 2021”, revealed Nacer Sayèss, CEO of the National Insurance Company (SAA).

The same official said that “there is a clear increase in traffic accidents, up to 30%, compared to 2020, and that the overall cost estimated at the level of the SAA, exceeds 60 billion dinars at the end of May 2021 ”.

For his part, Hassen Khelifati, first vice-president of the Algerian Union of Insurance and Reinsurance (UAR), explained that many deaths are not recorded, and that the state was dealing with them.

“There is the financial cost which is borne by the insurers, but the most important figure is borne by the State directly each year, approaching one (01) billion dollars each year,” he added.

Finally, it should be remembered that the human factor remains the main cause of the majority of accidents, in particular due to excessive speed and non-compliance with the highway code.

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