Minister of Health: Epidemiological situation “worrying”, vaccination remains most effective solution


ALGIERS- Minister of Health, Abderrahmane Benbouzid, considered, Wednesday, in a meeting with health directors of provinces, via videoconference, the epidemiological situation in Algeria “worrying” due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, noting that vaccination remains the only option to combat the pandemic.

On the occasion, he called on citizens to be vigilant and strictly adhere to preventive measures and precautions.

Benbouzid also called on health directors to “recruit more” and work to overcome this stage, offering expressions of appreciation and gratitude for the efforts made by various officials in the sector.

In the same context, the minister called on health directors across the national territory to “refresh information about each province’s needs of oxygen, through the digital floor of the oxygen cell that was recently established by the first ministry,” in order to facilitate its timely supply of this vital substance and preserve the health and life of patients.

Health Minister also confirmed that he is awaiting the vaccination of a large number of the population, starting next Friday, with the arrival of a new shipment of vaccines from China.

For his part, the official spokesman for the Monitoring and Follow up Commitee on the Outbreak of Coronavirus, Djamel Fourar, announced that the Ministry of Health will soon receive nearly 3 million doses of anti-Coronavirus vaccine per month on a continuous basis, which ensures the continuation of the vaccination campaign “with all the convenience.”

Parallel to the vaccination campaign, Mr. Benbouzid revealed in his meeting with his sector’s executives, the allocation of a “large hotel” in each affected province to receive patients suffering from lack of oxygen.

On the other hand, the minister revealed that People’s National Army will support the sector in a 120-bed hotel located in Ben Aknoun, equipped with oxygen-generating devices, which will benefit patients whose needs of this vital substance do not exceed 10 liters.

As a reminder, yesterday, Tuesday, Algeria recorded 1,298 confirmed cases of Coronavirus infections and 23 deaths across the country.



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