Series of films to be screened at Algiers movie theatre in tribute of composer, Ahmed Malek


ALGIERS- The Algerian movie theatre pays tribute to Algerian composer Ahmed Malek, who died in 2008, and this through the screening, as of Sunday, of a series of films for which he composed the soundtrack, said the theatre in a statement.

The program, runing until Thursday, provides for the screening of several films, including “The Vacation of Inspector Tahar” by Moussa Haddad, “Omar Gatlato” by Merzak Allouache, “Barriers” by Ahmed Lallem and “Leila and the others “by Sid Ali Mazif for which Ahmed Malek composed the music.

At the rate of three screenings per day, the film library also offers two films recently released in theaters, “Abou Leila” by Amin Sidi Boumediene and “Waiting for the hirondelles” by Karim Moussaoui.

A native of Algiers in 1931, Ahmed Malek took courses in learning musical instruments, such as; the piano and accordion.

Later, he joined the Algerian Radio Orchestra, and collaborated as an arranger with several Algerian artists and music groups.


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