Former journalist Abdelkader Djebloun died of Covid-19


ALGIERS – The former journalist of the daily El Chaab and the sports weekly Al Mountakhab, Abdelkader Djebloun, died, Sunday, at the age of 75, following complications related to Covid-19, his relatives announced.

Considered to be one of the oldest Algerian sports journalist in Arabic, Abdelkader Djebloun, born on March 11, 1946 in El Oued and father of 5 children, worked for several national press organs.

The deceased joined the Ennasr newspaper in 1974 and became its head of office in Algiers. He then moved to the daily El Chaab, before contributing to the creation of the newspaper Al Massa where he held the post of deputy editor-in-chief. He subsequently worked for the sports weekly Al Mountakhab, of which he is one of the founders, alongside its director Messaoud Kadri. In 1986, he became editor-in-chief of this weekly, before taking on the post of Acting director.

The deceased was, also, a correspondent for several foreign titles, including Alriyadh (Saudi Arabia), Essaqr (Qatar) and Ennour (Tunisia).

During his career, Abdelkader Djebloun provided media coverage of several international sporting events, including the final phase of the 1982 FIFA World Cup in Spain, Mexico City-1986 and CAN-1986 in Egypt. He also covered the Mediterranean Games-1975 in Algiers, the Pan-Arab Games-1985 in Morocco, the JM-1987 in Latakia (Syria).

Abdelkader Djebloun, who has won various prizes and distinctions nationally and abroad, was buried in Algiers on Sunday.

May His Soul Rest In Peace ………..

“To God We Belong and To Him We Shall Return”


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