Covid-19: Latest figures in Algeria, sharp increase in contaminations! July 15th


ALGIERS – 1109 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19), 617 recoveries and 13 deaths have been recorded in the past 24 hours in Algeria, said, on Thursday, July 15th, 2021, said the Ministry of Health, Population and the Hospital Reform in a press release.

According to the same source, the total number of confirmed cases in Algeria stood at 149.906 cases, that of deaths at 3.895 cases, while the total number of recovered patients rose to 103.809.

In addition, 49 patients are currently in intensive care.

To this end, the Ministry stressed on the fact that the current situation of the pandemic requires citizens to be vigilant and to respect rules of hygiene.

A military aircraft landed, on Sunday evening, at Boufarik airbase (province of Blida) carrying one million six hundred thousand doses of anti-Covid-19 vaccine from the Popular Republic of China, announced the National Defence Ministry in a communiqué.

Noting that more than four million doses of vaccines will be received by Algeria during the month of July.


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