Aid el Adha: Up to 50,000 traders requisitioned to ensure permanence


ALGIERS – A total of 50,093 traders will be requisitioned across the entire national territory to ensure the permanence of Eid el Adha 2021, the Ministry of Trade and Export Promotion announced, Thursday, in a press release.

According to the ministry, this on-call program concerns 6,021 traders active in the bakeries, 30,803 in groceries, fruits and vegetables shops, 12,813 in various activities as well as 456 production units (139 dairies, 273 flour mills and 44 production units in Mineral water).

To this end, 2,130 control officers have been assigned throughout the national territory to monitor the implementation of the on-call program drawn up with a view to ensuring a regular supply of food products and consumer services for citizens , and this, in application of the provisions of article 8 of the law 13-06 modifying and supplementing the law 04-08 relating to the conditions of exercise of the commercial activities, added the press release.

On this occasion, the Ministry of Commerce invites the requisitioned economic operators “to contribute massively to the success of this operation”.


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