Sonatrach CEO inspects oil port expansion project in industrial zone of Skikda


Algiers- Sonatrach CEO, Mr Toufik Hakkar visited on Wednesday the industrial zone of Skikda to inspect the progress of the completion of the oil port expansion project, according to a statement of Sonatrach.

According to the company’s statement, the port expansion project exceeded 50 percent of the works.

Toufik Hakkar also visited natural gas dilution complex to follow up on the ongoing maintenance works at the gas turbine, which reached 80 percent, the statement adds.

The CEO hailed the efforts made by the workers and executives of the dilution activity who work 24 hours a day without interruption in order to restart the complex on time.

According to the statement, the project to dismantle the old petrochemical complex CP1K was the last stop in the inspection visit, where 93 percent of the works is finished.


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