ANP: Several operations conducted during first half of 2021 to ensure country’s security


ALGIERS- Detachments of the People’s National Army (ANP) conducted, during the first half of 2021, several operations as part of their “noble missions” to ensure national security, which testifies to the unwavering commitment of army forces to preserve the country and protect it against all forms of threat, said Tuesday the army in an operational report.

As part of the fight against terrorism, 19 terrorists have been neutralized, 72 elements supporting terrorist groups arrested and 41 terrorist caches destroyed by detachments of People’s National Army over the past six months.

According to the ANP report, published this Tuesday, 84 homemade bombs, a mortar, 302 pieces of weapons (29 machine guns of Kalashnikov types, 256 rifles of different types, 16 automatic pistols of different types, a Strella M2 anti-aircraft missile system), 27 rockets , 290,909 bullets of different calibers, 35 chains of ammunition, and 2.8 quintals of black powder were recovered during this period.

As part of the fight against organized crime and securing borders, 866 drug traffickers, 6,198 smugglers and gold miners have been arrested. In addition, 345.9 quintals of treated Hashish, 4.917 quintals of cocaine, 1.098. 093 psychotropic tablets have been seized. In the same context, 2,367 jackhammers, 4,177 generators, 85 metal detectors, 659.4 tonnes of a mixture of stone and raw gold, 792.2 quintals of copper, 4,935 connection means, 322,921 units of various drinks, 642.7 tons of foodstuffs, 407.9 quintals of tobacco, 555 vehicles, 2,384,079 pyrotechnic articles, 587,560 liters of fuel and 480,00 units of pharmaceutical products have been seized.

In the same context, the communiqué indicated the dismantling of a criminal network made up of 6 individuals in their possession 4 billion and 108.5 million centimes, including 3 billion and 93 million in counterfeit banknotes, which they tried to introduce with the complicity of Moroccan criminal networks, as well as the dismantling of a criminal cell made up of supporters of the terrorist movement “MAK”, involved in the planning of attacks and criminal acts during marches and popular gatherings in several regions of the country .

In addition, 2,665 illegal immigrants of different nationalities have been arrested since January 2021.


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