Algeria’s Khenchela: Fires ravaged 1,500 ha of forests


ALGIERS- The forest fires that have set off in recent days in the wilaya of Khenchela have devastated 1,500 ha of forest area, indicated Captain Mourad Yousfi, in charge of communication at the general directorate of civil protection.

The guest of Channel 3 of Algerian Radio, said that human resources (more than 500 agents) and materials ones (49 fire engines) were mobilized to put these fires out and protect the lives of citizens and their properties. For its part, in a press release published on Tuesday, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development “informed that all material and human resources have been mobilized from the various neighboring wilayas with a view to circumscribing the fires, for the sake of preserving the lives of citizens, the forest wealth and the surrounding farms ”.

In this context, the ministry recalled that the forestry officers, accompanied by civil protection officers, have been mobilized since the outbreak of the fire in the forest of Ouled Yacoub (Khenchela), and this, in application of the instructions of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, given to all the local services under supervision, namely; the directorates of agricultural services, the Rural Engineering Group and others, with a view to mobilizing all material and human resources, in order to come to extinguish fires which affected forest areas and fruit tree farms.

Operations to contain the two remaining fires continue at this time, and are led by forestry and civil protection officers and citizens who have mobilized from the start to lend a hand.


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